I was born and raised on the Coast of Maine, specifically the shore of Penobscot Bay. Circumstance finds me living in the Midwest. Formerly an attorney, I am now staying home full time to raise my daughters. Along with my husband, we live on the North Shore of Lake Michigan outside Chicago. I never thought the Midwest would become my home, but this Yankee – or Mainiac, as we are sometimes referred to in my home state – seems to be settling in.

The goal of Third Coast Yankee is to share my favorite recipes and cooking techniques with a wide audience. The principal focus is on fresh family friendly meals that are both economical and always made from scratch. In the true New England tradition, I believe that thrift in the kitchen saves both money and time. Many of these recipes are based on meals I grew up eating in Maine, while others have been adopted – and sometimes adapted – over time as I have become a more experienced cook.

Thanks for taking the time to follow my continuing adventures in the kitchen!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Eileen Spectre

    You’re such a creative cook, and I have learned lots of great techniques from you. Looking forward to lots of good ideas!

  2. Scott

    Former attorney? Once an attorney…. Regardless, you were my last law intern before I left legal services to go work f/t for the union, and one of the best I ever had! I think I still have the group shot of you, Lauren and the rest of the crew from the Summer of 1997 on my fridge!


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